Insurance Work

insurance repairJMT Building offers all aspects of insurance work and damage repairs. Whether its a flooded bathroom or kitchen through to major disaster and cyclone repairs.


Living in Tropical North Queensland you will frequently experience major weather events from monsoon rains and flooding to cyclones. Working along side some of the biggest insurance builders and assessors in Queensland we can help minimize the the stress and duration of insurance repairs from such events. Repairs to several homes were completed in the Cassowary Coast region following Cyclone Yasi. 

JMT Building aims to make the repair process as easy and hassle free as possible by keeping you well informed through out the rebuild process. We understand the emotions of loss and grief associated with natural disasters and get on with the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible to get you back to your normal lifestyle. 

If you have submitted a claim for any kind of insurance work and need a quite give Josh at JMT Building a call and we will be happy to report to insurance, do a scope and quote on the project

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